Lowering the Cost of Connectivity

The shift to the cloud has been driven by the promise of lower operating costs.

In addition to the scalability, flexibility and availability that cloud computing offers, lowering IT operational costs was one of the biggest reasons for the switch.

Updating the existing networking infrastructure of cloud-hosted applications can produce similar reductions in cost.

In this talk, we discuss:

  • The way application providers are lowering the total cost of connectivity
  • How new connectivity methods compare to legacy VPN or MPLS solutions
  • Gaining performance and flexibility by updating infrastructure
  • Examples of companies who have upgraded connectivity and seen significant CapEx and OpEx savings.

Trustgrid’s Chief Product Officer, Joe Gleinser, walks through the problems, solutions, and implementation of secure cloud to on-premise connectivity... all through an application provider’s lens.

Presented by Joe Gleinser (Trustgrid Chief Product Officer) 


Webinar : lowering the cost of connectivity