On-Demand Webinar 

Securing a Remote Workforce

Improving Remote Access for Banks and Credit Unions

On-Demand Webinar

As financial institution employees have begun connecting to their work applications from a variety of locations and devices, the need to evolve security around these environments has grown.

While security is always the top priority in banking, it is closely followed by the need to ensure business continuity and productivity.

Tools such as VPN have historically served as the primary way to access applications in the data center, but they no longer serve the purpose of modern IT architectures that mix in public and private cloud applications.

In this on-demand webinar we will discuss:

  • The IT management challenges and risk of remote work
  • The security and compliance benefits of Zero Trust Network Access
  • Zero Trust implementation and integration ideas

Presented by Joe Gleinser, Chief Product Officer of Trustgrid and Ben Gallo, VP of Sales at Ongoing Operations