On-Demand Webinar

The Secret to Medical Imaging in the Cloud

Simplifying the management of PACS and DICOM data in cloud applications

Medical imaging applications are moving to the cloud at a rapid pace. This presents some unique challenges for imaging applications that rely on data from on-premise MRI, CT and X-ray equipment.

The most critical problem is how these applications connect to the imaging devices that they rely on.

In this webinar, we discuss the ways that application providers are reimagining the connectivity to imaging data.

Trustgrid’s Chief Product Officer talks through the problems, solutions and implementation of secure cloud to on-premise integration all through a medical imaging lens.

Topics Include:

  • The challenges facing cloud healthcare applications
  • The unintended consequences of VPN networks
  • Reimagining connectivity from the cloud to the edge
  • The management and cost advantages of a platform-based approach to integration

Presented by Joe Gleinser, Chief Product Officer of Trustgrid and Lance Johnson, VP of Marketing at Trustgrid.